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Finite Verbs vs Non-Finite Verbs

Finite and non-finite verbs


Is Post me aap seekhenge ki Finite aur Non- finite verbs kya hote hain aur aap inme fark kaise samjhen. Jisase aap Exam me sirf 2 Seconds me Answer bata lenge.

  • Bonus tips at the End

There are mainly two types of verbs in English – finite and non-finite.

Finite Verbs:

  • Finite verbs change their forms when there is a change in the number or person of the subject. Finite verbs also change forms when tense changes.
  • A finite verb is controlled by the number. If the subject is singular, the verb is singular. If the subject is plural, the verb is plural.


  • The girl runs slowly. (Subject is singular)
  • The girls run slowly. (Subject is plural)
  • Meera learns English. (Subject is singular)
  • Meera and her friends learn English. (Subject is plural)


  • A finite verb is controlled by the person.


  • play cricket. (I – First Person)
  • She plays cricket. (She – Third Person)


  • A finite verb is controlled by the tense. It can be in the past, present or future tense.


  • You study English. (Present Tense)
  • You studied English. (Past Tense)
  • You will study English. (Future Tense)


Non-finite Verbs:

  • Non-finite verbs do not change their form when the number or person of the subject changes. They don’t change when the Tense changes.


  • I enjoy reading books.
  • She enjoys reading books.
  • Girls will enjoy reading books.

(The verb reading remains unchanged whatever be the person, number and tense of the subject.)



  • She can’t go out. (Bare Infinitive)
  • He can’t swim. (Bare Infinitive)
  • I want to dance. (To-Infinitive)
  • I create videos to teach. (To-Infinitive)
  • I like dancing. (Gerund)
  • Swimming is my favourite sport. (Gerund)
  • I had cleaned the room. (Past Participle)
  • She has gone to work. (Past Participle)
  • I’m going to the cinema tonight. (Present Participle)
  • She is eating food. (Present Participle)







  1. My cousin wanted to be an actor. (wanted – finite; to be – non-finite)
  2. He works hard to pass the test. (works – finite; to pass – non-finite)
  3. I couldn’t solve the question. (couldn’t – finite; solve – non-finite)
  4. To err is human. (to err – non-finite; is – finite)
  5. Your job is to pass the bag without getting noticed. (is – finite; to pass – non-finite; getting – non-finite)
  6. The doctor was attending to the injured people. (was – finite; attending – non-finite)
  7. I closed the window. (closed – finite)
  8. We were asked to submit the forms by Tuesday. (were – finite; asked – non-finite; to submit – non-finite)


Bonus tips:

  1. (The exceptions to this are modal auxiliary verbscan, could, will, would, shall, should, may, might, and must. Modal verbs are always considered as Finite Verbs. And jo verbs inhe follow karte hain wo Bare infinitives (base form of the verb without to) kahlate hain aur inke sath wo hamesha Non-finite kahlate hain. For example:
  • “I can’t swim yet.” (Can – Finite, swim – Non-finite)
  1. Gerund is a word ending in "-ing" that is made from a verb and used like a noun. A gerund can be either the subject or object of a sentence in English,

 e.g. 'Swimming is fun' or 'I enjoy swimming '.

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